ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
More about my Youth

Already in the year 1972, I knew that the explanation of gravitation and electromagnetism is parallel and completely connected. I also knew that rotating mass has to be a feature of charge, which must lead to an effect analogously to the rotating electric charge. Therefore, I expected gravitational oscillators and exchange waves analogously to the electromagnetism. And I always started from these theses.

I often dreamt how the universe would oscillate - how it would be a general vibrator. Though, I could not work better the interpretations of my spiritual pictures. A mathematic concept arose from this. I tried to describe the universe as an oscillator - simply without another cohesion. Prof. Lanius meant, it was a remarkable idea, but the present theories would describe the world best. As long as one had no real problem with present theses, one had no reason to use a new theory. His sentence is still valid today. Until today, no serious problem was found, which had the potency for destruction of present theories completely. This way, I cannot start a revolution with my theory, since it isn't desired.

The varied professional jobs after my studies made it possible for me to study very much and - naturally - to think about cohesions very much. In my head, a mountain of knowledge and associations was growing until I finally could study the General Relativity Theory. Then the cents started to fall. From hypotheses and a solid opinion, a new theory and its solutions were born.

Every scientific discovery, I could fit in to my theories. It has an explanation for everything. Why has my theory such potencies? It is the world's united theory! If it is right, then it provides connected explanations for everything.

In the past, I had been very pleased about my solutions since I thought one would honor me for this work. The more I had to fight senselessly and the more I noticed that me is seen as an idiot under all the idiots who send senseless solutions to the professors, the positions got more and more hopeless.

No professor has a reason for his behavior when somebody writes to him, Quantum Theory and Relativity Theory would be interpreted mistaken. From this would arise that Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle would have been interpreted wrongly, too, and so all the following models based on it would be wrong inclusively Hawking's models. This consequence, nobody is ready to accept. 

Such a spell means the total revolution of modern physics. Thousands of people write their nonsense to their professors on every day. My letters were among them. They all found their way to the wastebasket. Even Prof. Linde, U.S.A., who doubts at the present theories, didn't think about my work seriously. He didn't answer. So all the professors cannot remain contact persons for me anymore. They cannot be mentioned. They already doubt at the first word, which I addressed to them. I don't need to speak some further words. Therefore, I hope that my ideas collect slowly with the readers, and sometimes young students, new doctors and new professors will come and would already know my ideas. Then they would help the knowledge for future.



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