ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

"Everything in this world is finite, but: Nothing is eternally nothing any more!"

Arcus in 2000

I felt challenged by the innumerable philosophers of the history. These have given innumerable and partly nonsensical remarks of themselves, which somehow should reflect the meaning of their own findings, namely that knowledge which was different from other philosopher controversially. How Karl Marx already noticed were these meanings just only a variety of various interpretations of the world. However, who met the reality most nearly? This can assess nobody till now. However, I have built the unified field theory and I am in the possession of the most important solutions therefore.

To do justice to this circumstance, I formulated the sentence listed above in a humorous minute. It should sound so confused as the philosopher sentences before me.

I bet that this statement means the end of 70% of all the brains: Not interpretible, unaudible. This idea had demanded a smile from me. It is just humor! However, I had to notice at the end a little meaning which can be breathed into it, then it is still possible anyway, if I interpret this sentence:

1. The world isn't infinite. Nothing but also nothing at all has earned the title to be infinitely. Not once the time is infinite since there it is always only in the form of single periods. If the time and the way aren't infinite, then the rest which consists of the both cannot be infinite either. In addition, I discovered that an infinity would never be divisible by a finiteness to yield a finiteness. The finitenesses we watched and the limitations of the things consequently cannot be derived or divided off from an infinity! The universe is a finite ball which pulsates, respectively it oscillates.

2. From the first thought it would follow the conclusion: Everything is gratuitous. Everything passes. However, I negate this in the second part of my statement, in principle. I want to say that despite all finitenesses of the matter, there are things which change them so lastingly that the next period just isn't like the last any more but that it is a little different because there was the last period taking place at the matter with it. The matter, its laws, its finiteness hasn't changed. But, anyway:

Quiet events, all of them leave a change appearance of every appearance, whether of animal, of plant or of man. These appearances live on and change the future, not the past! The universe is reprogramed insignificantly concerning its information content. But none of the preservation laws of the matter changes. Everything remains finite. Only, that the next universe changed a little bit in the next oscillation period carries information.


I namely decline the turning back of the time on the base of my solutions, in principle! The same universe in this respect cannot oscillate spontaneously negatively.

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