ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Essential Features of Union of both Theories

Until today one thinks:

1. The General Relativity Theory (GRT) would be only a theory of gravitation for the macrocosm.

2. The Quantum Mechanics (QM) would only be a theory for the atomic and subatomic area. Particles would be like points. Only their origin would lay in "strings". Wave nature of matter especially comes from dual nature of particles and waves. Heisenberg's uncertainty relation was interpreted as: Position and momentum of the particle would not be concerned simultaneously with perfect accuracy. Born gave conclusion: The square of the amplitude would be a measurement of the probability of the particle-residence.

Concluding this, we see the particle equal to a wave. At last both got to one. One speaks about light particles and light waves as well as of electrons and electron-waves. The particle and its momentum were bound to one thing..

My solution:

1. GRT: Because of Friedman-solution there are opened, closed and mixed cosmoses of gravitation, of electromagnetic radiation and of both gravitation and ray.

It follows: GRT is valid for all kinds of cosmoses from mass and from electromagnetism. One should find further cosmoses to the macrocosm. I postulated and researched that result positively: Each cosmoses are oscillating harmonically, if they are closed. They exchange wave-quanta (impulses like momenta, quanta). Therefore they are sending and receiving stations of electromagnetic or/and gravity waves.

My logic hypothesis: Also microcosms are taken to this. Therefore particles do not only have a mass point or a charge point. They oscillate into the space. Following they are not only "strings" at any beginning of matter, but the complete matter is oscillating! Only this way matter is able to origin and to exchange wave quanta. In this respect particles are primary quanta. They oscillate after Planck-constant. So the complete matter consists of oscillating black holes. Is the matter stable, these holes are black; is it unstable, holes are open sometimes or open. Black holes change to white holes, but not in billions of years, but in split seconds! That is the base of my explanations of matter of macro- and of microcosm.

2. QM should change now some words of its terminology. This would be its loose. The win was given in the unity with the above shown oscillator-solution of GRT. What is important?

a) Particles are no points anymore now. They have an expansion of space. Therefore destiny and chance also are not dot-like. This has far-reaching consequences!!!

b) The mass point of a particle, which is always moving on curved lines (GRT), originates the quantum respectively the momentum and the amplitude of the wave of the particle.

c) The amplitude of the particle wave does not lay congruently to the radius of particle-movement. The radius of particle-movement is not equal to the amplitude of its wave.

d) Heisenberg new: Amplitude and momentum of particle-wave are not concerned simultaneously with perfect accuracy. The uncertainty relation is not yet related now at the position of the particle, because this position is absolutely not able to indicate. Reason: Only interactions of momenta are able to indicate, and these are interactions of wave quanta! If any quantum physicist could accept this, we would be far at the top.

e) Born new: The square of amplitude of particle wave or a wave itself is a measurement for the probability of interactions of wave quanta. Thus particles do not interact themselves, but their wave quanta do this, their momenta do so, far away from the particles. The higher the relativistic speed of indication, the more interaction is coming near to the gravity point of the particle itself. This way it is yet meeting the subparticles before, which are in this particle moving. So the particle, that position, is never able to indicate.

f) Matter now has no dual nature of particle and wave, but unity nature of wave quantum and wave respectively of momentum and wave (wave properties do not include any contradiction).

What is the problem? Originally, one thought in classic sense, momentum would belong into the physical body directly respectively into the body. It seems to be so in macroscopic areas, even though there already the interaction both of bodies with their momenta is laying beneath the gravity point too. The difference is such a small one at non-relativistic speeds that it can be ignored. Just this one should not do anymore thinking on unity of both theories.

The momentum is not a direct part of the position of the particle but of the position of the interaction!

This is the decision! If quantum theorists would come along with me, there was nothing lost, but everything won - the united view at the world!

None of the theories is wrong. No work of physics was for nothing! Only some words were put newly. A few relations were new. And the work of matter can be seen in a different light. Of cause, these consequences are extensive.

Any further discuss?

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