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First you should know: there are absolutely NO QUARKS in this world!

Universe is a hierarchical system of packing physical matter. Here is my equation from my theory and solutions for that state of packing in and out:

Equation 1 or 4.1 from TBAI and III

Dear reader, do you rather want to live in a world where are no quarks, no dark matter, no dark energy, no escaping galaxies, no inflation?

Then you have come to the right place. Please, read about my solutions instead of these unreal theories of main stream.

I followed Albert Einstein's hope to solve all the problems of universe by pure relativistic theory. So I did it and was successful!

My supersymmetry theory can only become reality if one condition is met:
Stable antimatter would have antimass repulsive from ordinary mass. 
Unfortunately, this necessity has not yet been proven. I hope so, it will be realized soon.

I decrypted our universe using lepton shifts, real matter and real energy, gravitational redshift of galaxy spectra and completely oscillating matter!

Electric third charges of "quarks" never were proved. Free quarks never have been shown. Dark energy and dark matter are illusions without any proof. Eternally expanding universe is a pure theory. This is why I searched for some alternative solutions.

I wrote them in my German language and translated them into English by myself. Both you can download & read here for free as follows.

Downloading & opening the PDF file, you agree to respect my copyright.

First let us have a look at the problem of background radiation of our universe. Observers seem to have found a so-called "anomaly" of that radiation, you can see here why they expected homogeneous and isotropic radiation according to predictions. So this is a riddle for them. To me, it is not an "anomaly" and not a "mistery"! Please, follow these first thoughts comparing this website content as follows:


"Planck-Temperaturkarte der kosmischen Hintergrundstrahlung mit einigen hervorgehobenen Anomalien (Bild: ESA/ Planck Collaboration)" "Planck temperature map of cosmic background radiation with some special anomalies (Illustration by ESA/ Planck Collaboration)"

Despite that "mysterious riddle", so this is a part of my united solutions:

Both are self-made graphics.

Why should the "background radiation anomaly" actually be an anomaly? According to my theory and its solutions, I say: what we observe is normal. Because we are not somewhere inside any infinity, for example, from where you could always see everything the same way as from any point. No, you can't! The universe is a finite body in which we are at a specific observer point. From there we simply cannot see a homogeneous and isotropic universe. We look at the "anomaly" as the real normal state, nothing else!

Any 2 of the 4 bodies of the quadrupole grow into a hemisphere that looks like a brain. So the universe has 2 brains, one from ordinary, another from anti-matter. The whole thing saves that Holy Spirit at its body of physical matter - the program of universe.


If you believe in the Creation, you first may read my philosophical work:

"The Book ARCUS II"; Oct. 2021.

My works of relativistic physics are the following:

"The Alternative Solution of the Problem of the Elementary Particles";
The Book Arcus III, briefly TBA III, 2022

Graphics of Particles and Antiparticles, 2020

"The Alternative Solution of Atomic Nuclei", TBA IV, 2020

Graphics of Atomic Nuclei and Table Calculation of Deuteron Forces, 2020

Calculation: Reduction of Magnetic Moments of Nuclids, 2023

"The Alternative Solution of the Problems of the Universe", TBA V, 2021

"The Magic of the General Relativity Theory", 2021

"My Oscillator Solution of GRT", 1986, 1992
  Excerpt from TBA Ic, corrected

"My Reversible Thermodynamics", 1986, 1992
  Excerpt from TBA Ic, corrected

"The Book ARCUS I" New Theory, corrected version of 2021, TBA Ic

"Origin of Creation", 2021

"How to prove Antigravitation", 2021

"How to prove Stationary Vacuum", 2021

"Inside of Electron showing the lines of Muon and Tau-Lepton", 2022

By Heinz-Joachim Ackermann, Germany, November 1st, 2021

This content is my sole ownership. Further solutions are in work. For this have a look at https://www.arcusuniverse.com, please.


For German People:

Wenn Sie an eine Schöpfung glauben, dann lesen Sie erst einmal mein philosophisches Werk:

"Das Buch ARCUS II". Letzte Änderung Oktober 2021.

Mein Werk relativistischer Physik:

"Die alternative Lösung des Elementarteilchen-Problems", DBA III, 2022

"Die alternative Lösung für die Atomkerne", DBA IV, 2020

"Die alternative Lösung der Universums-Probleme", DBA V, 2021

"Meine Oszillatorlösung der ART", 1986, Auszug aus DBA Ic

"Meine reversible Thermodynamik", 1986, Auszug aus DBA Ic

"Das Buch ARCUS I" Neue Theorie, korrigierte Version von 2021, DBA Ic

(c heißt zuletzt korrigierte Fassung von 2021)


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