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Dear reader, do you rather want to live in a world where are no quarks, no dark matter, no dark energy, no escaping galaxies, no inflation?

Then you are right here. Please, read about my solutions instead of those unreal theories mentioned above.

I decrypted our universe using
lepton shifts, real matter and real energy, gravitational redshift of galaxy spectra and a completely oscillating matter!

One-third electric charge of quarks never was proved. Free quarks never have been shown. Dark energy and dark matter are illusions without any proof. Eternally expanding universe is a pure theory.

This is why I searched for some alternative solutions.

I wrote them in my German language and translated into English by myself. Both you can download & read here for free.

Downloading & opening the PDF file, you agree to respect my copyright.

If you believe in God or Allah, you may read first my philosophical work:

"The Book ARCUS II"

"The Alternative Solution of the Problem of the Elementary Particles", TBA III, 2020

Graphics of Particles and Antiparticles, 2020

"The Alternative Solution of Atomic Nuclei", TBA IV, 2020

Graphics of Atomic Nuclei and Table Calculation of Deuteron Forces, 2020

"The Alternative Solution of the Problems of the Universe", TBA V, 2021

"The Magic of the General Relativity Theory", 2021

"My Oscillator Solution of GRT", 1986, 1992 from TBA Ic

"My Reversible Thermodynamics", 1986, 1992 from TBA Ic

"The Book ARCUS I" New Theory, corrected version of 2021, TBA Ic

"Origin of Creation", 2021

By Heinz-Joachim Ackermann, Germany, November 18th, 2020

This content is my sole ownership. Further solutions are in work. For this have a look at https://www.arcusuniverse.com, please.


For German People:

"Die alternative Lösung des Elementarteilchen-Problems", DBA III, 2020

"Die alternative Lösung für die Atomkerne", DBA IV, 2020

"Die alternative Lösung der Universums-Probleme", DBA V, 2021

"Meine Oszillatorlösung der ART", 1986, Auszug aus DBA Ic

"Meine reversible Thermodynamik", 1986, Auszug aus DBA Ic

"Das Buch ARCUS I" Neue Theorie, korrigierte Version von 2021, DBA Ic

(c heißt zuletzt korrigierte Fassung von 2021)

Wenn Sie glauben an Gott oder Allah, dann lesen Sie erst einmal mein philosophisches Werk:

"Das Buch ARCUS II"


                    All rights reserved for Graduate Engineer & Educator Heinz-Joachim Ackermann, Germany, November 2020