ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

What you say and what is correct of it.

When I was in Gondwana Land of the zoo of Leipzig in March 2017 and I drove a round with the boat with my grandchildren, a story of the earth sounded from the loudspeakers provided by pictures which although is wrong in the items one and three following the solutions of my theory. The items two and four originate from the common opinion today why I still have attached them here. They are not told in the zoo, however, they belong to this crude conception of the world.

First assertion: In the beginning there was one only bang, the Big Bang. The universe expands since this moment. Everything is in extreme escape velocity from each other.

This is absolutely wrong!

Correct is: After the first bang innumerable further openings followed on different heights of the cosmos inside its determined radius. The cosmos absolutely does not expand, but bang for bang a new matter is unfolded or piled up in it up to the maximum. So the cosmos refills itself starting out from the centre and refills with star matter which falls to each other or also partly escapes from each other - but the complete cosmos does not expand. There is not a so-called flight of the galaxies with almost vacuum light velocity.

Second assertion: Redshift of spectrum would prove the escape of galaxies.

This is also absolutely wrong!

Correct is: Space consists of a system of sub-cosmoses. Their exchanges make the space! I call the unstable sub-cosmoses "PKs" from a German word (Protokosmos), English: Protocosm. These PKs are so to speak "black holes", which are not completely black and not static but dark grey and dynamic. They arise and shape everywhere in universe in not restricted crowd. They contain the basic program of the universe - a quantization which finds itself again in each object and each subject. The galaxies are released from such PKs. They must overcome the gravitational horizon of this protocosmos bent extremely. During this way at the beginning of the opening process their light is shifted extremely into red. The light of the relieved objects becomes shifted the less red with the further thinning of the PK density by sputum of matter later.

Third assertion: The proto-earth cooled down and then the life arose up from unicellular organisms to multicellular ones and complex living beings.

This is absolutely wrong, too!

Correct is: The whole universe is living! Because it is filled with PKs of any programmed forms it is producing each secondary life-forms at arbitrary temperatures. JUST: Only those life-forms, which are induced by some PKs survive the environmental conditions which are just maching. All the other subjects pass as fast as they were induced. Depending on chance of the conditions other life-forms then have the chances to spread across the earth. They did not arise, but they were induced by the PKs and of the PK-structure-energy, created as they were made by the hands of God.

Evolution consequently is a kind of forward-evolution and never a transition of "Species" into another one. All the species independently from each other were induced by special PKs. Created living beings run into a kind of evolution within the forward time arrow while they are in adaption to the conditions.

Similarities under living beings are quite natural because the programmes always produce another nature only by change of the least shares. However, the mass blocks of the PKs in their central areas and their special programmes at the surfaces of the spatial programming do not change themselves.

Genes just behave like PKs. This is allknown and wellknown.

Also today innumerable PKs are buzzing through the space. New living beings who suit or die out in their environment conditions are created by the PKs again and again.

It is really crazy. No-one could believe this: God created a human being according to his picture. This is called according to his program with his idea of a human. Anyway, there was a plan. Where? It was made by an energy loaded program, better by a high-energy hologram. This is just a protocosm - a holographic program - a body full of structure energy. These bodies are regarded to be God's hands. They create human beings, men and women, in the cosmos everywhere. With low differences. So I think that mankind did not have a Big Bang in Africa but also was created by different protocosms. So also on each planet. Because of the similar programming, however, people are everywhere at once and with each other capable of reproduction. Man consequently did not arise in Africa but was induced into many parts of the continents or of the first continent.

Fouth assertion: The universe would be flat.

Totally incorrect! We know something like this concluded from bare observations as our Earth was a "plate".

Correct is: Ways of light are extremely curved, so that all the cosmic objects in universe are fundamentally closer to each other than we can "see" in space! Because of these light curves the universe is much denser than subsumed by pure observations.

If from a PK is induced or is born a new fix star with its protoplanets, then at the beginning it is dived in such a strong red that you suspect it would escape with light speed. Consequently you think there is an inflation of universe - an internal faster expansion. But this is not the case because everything is nearer to each other and the light is so much shifted to red because of the extreme gravitation at the horizon of the PKs.

And this is the end of the fundamental faults of today's science.



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