ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
Late Trials to Support my Theories resp. Models

After helping my wife open up a new business in 1990 (there I am a bookkeeper and an economic consultant), I built our new house pre-projected by my wife. In summer 1998 I published my actual book. I didn't get an answer to these books, which I sent to German scientists as gifts. One of them was immediately sent back to my publisher with a negative application, so that I could notice this man hadn't read it at all.

Prof. Manfred von Ardenne had  an understanding for me, he couldn't help me because of his work at his cancer-multipass-therapy. He gave me one of his original lectures. This was well a hope and a good memory to him.

Prof. Schmutzer of Friedrich-Schiller-University was even ready for a conversation, in which I could not convince him of my way of research, since he preferred continuing his search in the fifth dimension. His successor in the faculty, Prof. Kramer, discouraged me wishing for doctorate by the fact that he predicted a negative assessment to my work. Different institutes were incapable judging my work at all. From time to time, I got answers from that I only could think of their stupidity.

Dozens of publishers left me in the rain. Therefore, I converted the thesis into my book filled with all my ideas and hypotheses of themes of matter. My model is correct. But some of the hypotheses that I followed from the exact solution, were mistaken.

Only one pay-publisher was ready to publish it for paying of pure money. Its chief made me a real good price. Obviously, Mr. W. R. Frieling is a supporter of the thesis that even unknown researchers can find a piece of truth and not only the professors of the institutes. I am very grateful to him. In the end I'll do without reaching on the glory of a doctorate. Who has really read my work will have surely seen that here are the potency for a lot of theses for doctorates.



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