ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching
More about childhood and early youth

During my childhood, my tinker nature was developed. In all cases I wanted to build any thing by myself. As little child I changed my wooden modules for using them better. Later, silhouettes were important. When I was 8 years old, for my sister's dolls I built a fair. She then expected that I should install her a television set and a radio into the doll's house. For building of such miniature sets the time of 1960 wasn't still ready. Nevertheless I tried to find a solution of this problem by the fact that I immediately studied the literatures from children library.

Soon I could build mechanical equipments like airplane models, rockets and vehicle models. When I was 11 years old, I built my first radio receiver. Before this, I worked analytically: the radio receivers I got as gifts by friends, I destroyed into all parts from which I learned. This way I wasn't able to collect historical radios. Nothing remained, not even the wonderful receiver of my father, an regenerative detector, inside filled of wonders of tubes and copper.  In the same year 1961, I built my first AM-transmitter on medium wave. I went to "grandma Adam" and adjusted her radio at my carrier frequency and said to her: "Grandma, in a few seconds you hear me in the radio!" As she heard me, she was horrified and meant to my mother: "We must watch him better!" Not a long time later, I calculated the best orbit for technical satellites which would fly to Mars and Venus so much later. As the first Mars satellite really was flying, I noticed, that my orbit calculation was very near the real orbit. My uncle meant, I was the second Werner von Braun. When I was seventeen, I built a complete pirate radio station. It transmitted music and information. My transmissions were stopped in spring 1968. While this time of electrical engineering and electronics, I tested mixtures of chemical substances. While this doing my interest of chemistry was developed. I made powder mixtures for rocket propulsions. In 1966 I built a stereo-coil-tape-recorder. During my studies I developed antennas and intensifier for receiving ultra-short wave and TV from West Berlin in our "valley of unsuspecting people". For all my friends I repaired their radios, TV sets and tape recorder. My Russian TV set I converted from SECAM-system to PAL. I myself constructed the PAL-decoder for Raduga. Technical solutions starting from mechanics following by construction works up to precision engineering and electronics as well as information processing technology, are not problems for me. But in my heart I remained the "Mister Analog" - the "Man of the Waves". Therefore I always was fascinated about universe of waves and oscillators. The most interesting thing there is the sensitivity of tip-over of states next to zero. Alone me is best prepared to inform about my discoveries.

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