ARCUS:  The World Formula and its Solutions

Consequently constructed using the results of Albert Einstein and Max Planck leading to the Unified Field Theory

The Preaching

MH 370 and Bermuda Triangle

Flight MH370 was catastrophically going down at about this area of the indic ocean.

That area signed here as a triangle was mirrored from the Bermuda triangle at the other side of the earth using websites from internet.

What should have to do the one with the other one?

You surely know these p-orbitals from the chemistry lessons in the electron shell? This is the quantization of the space inside an electron shell. Much more bodies are in the universe where they also must follow the quantizations, but here in quadruples. I.e: Two subquantizations arrive on every side of the p-orbital.

The space is quantized also in the universe. In accordance with my solution of the type the room forms "sky waves" which are indeterminably existing because mathematics cannot limit the amount of the solutions. The universe should consequently filled by such sky waves which I called PROTOCOSMS,  briefly  briefly PK from the German word.

They are dark grey holes,  "black holes" which do not get really black therefore they are never closed correctly and can therefore burst open while a finite time. But only then, if they oscillate between minimum extension and maximum extension, the moment, where they overcome the horizon which is closed almost and already open.

Such PK also are fomed out at the center of the earth by a partial collapse of masses and energy supported by shock waves.

They expand in the firmer earth's crust after opening, they cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. One has found many peculiar species nearby volcanos as if straight volcanos would promote the emergence of new life-forms. Well, volcanos are not the cause themselves but the PK with their sub-structure quantized hierarchically and deeply. There the spatial programme of life formation is contained. If they open at the seabed, then seaquakes and other stormy effects follow.

Look: The female frog puts her spawn down. These are virtually the parables for the protocosms. Without an ingredient of substances it does not turn into any tadpoles. The male frog passes the substance which enables the PK to form first lives here. This is a parable of the functioning of the whole life. The universe lives! Life only comes from lives! It never has arisen from nothing!

This way it is running: In the universe a PK expands and its sub-protocosms form out proto-galaxies so to speak or if there are already just Subs and smaller PK than the primary PK, they then form proto-stars with proto-planets and so on, but everything always only of hydrogen with a shot of helium. It was that way in the universe at the beginning of the proto-body installations in any case.

However, something like that does not work yet. It does not form life but only the prerequisite of it. Heavy elements must arrive. They are formed from hydrogen suns by nuclear fusion and by supernova synthezisied up to the transurans in the course of time.

With them the substance like the sperm comes on flight and stimulates the next system formed by hydrogen in the universe. The process of life transformation now is running there. On the earth the PK race into the given substances. And new life will be formed from them. Or they destroy also available structures.

The PK never opens up one-sided. It always forms symmetrical sides. What happens in the Bermuda triangle if it opens shifted there or on the opposite side in the Indian ocean depends on circumstances which we cannot foresee. PK can also appear somewhere else. They are unpredictable. Straight shock waves triggering them there which form the PK as a reaction to it possibly of the magma (liquid) because of the movability of the high seas (liquid) and the thin earth's crust as a seabed and its movability. So it preferably is sent out back to the sea area of its cause area.

It is important where it is opening by chance. Outside the earth or still under the seabed, in the sea or over this in the air. Opening is no explosion but an expansion during its flight. Who is met by it must feel the devastating effects of the PK. It is completely interaction free as long as it just elongates to the amplitude of its system. Just then, if it is opening into our world space time it is starting to be wrapped up in ours. The time dilation therefore is "grey" and not "black"  like nearby the horizon of a theoretical "black hole".

If it just opens, then the time is dilated very strongly at its horizon in the direction of the greatest stretching. A mechanical watch will be extremely slow. If it is over a long distance already open, it will follow easily. Between this everything is possible. Moreover, the sub-PK and their subs in innumerable sub-structures have a lot of strong magnetic fields. These lead to total magnetic irritations. In the result the compass needles only can dance. The orientation is lost. Linear magnetic fields can hardly overlay the terrestrial fields that the needles even would dance. Only permanently changing fields are able to do this. Only inside the PK - also on the sun, where the PK expand to be sunspots and explosions at the surface.

If a modern aeroplane is met by a PK, any electronic equipments fail as in the case of one atomic EMP caused. Low tide! A mechanical watch cannot even assess the time anymore. How does a man move without orientation? In the circle. How did MH370 fly? In the bow als long until it had no more chance.

The only explanation for the phenomenon time dilation and the magnetic irritations are in the Bermuda triangle and unfortunately the real existence of PK of Earth of the decline of the flight MH370 now which arise and burst open from time to time, release Sub-PK, too.

So well, one can send research stations, aeroplanes, ships, one will only very seldom meet something as not at all. Permanent measuring stations would have to be recommended in the sea.

Please, with respect to PK also notice my contributions to the sun and to the zones of the life on the earth.

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